Friday, January 08, 2016

30X30 - Day 26 (puzzled)

[Cropped Top: TJ Maxx // Dress: Nordstrom // Shoes: Forever 21 // Earrings: Gifted]

If we're being honest I wore this outfit for all of 1 hour yesterday. We're on day three of an El Nino downpour and with the exception of a few errands prior to the rain, I spent the day in yoga pants, listening to Adele and working on a puzzle. Have I ever told y'all that I love puzzles? They are so homey to me; when I am sick, I opt for puzzles as my medicine, it can be done alone or when family is around, it's a fun activity to do together.

We're hoping to have a little more space when we move back east and I was actually thinking that in our next home I would like to have a table and sitting area that has an ongoing puzzle for whenever. Here are a few that are on my wishlist:
CA // Blank // Truck // Surfboards


  1. We love puzzle and as bad as it may sound I glue them together and put them on poster board. When we are needing cheap art for a play room (or game room for those without kids) its simple. We change them out as needed and never really worry if one is lost or broken in a move since its just for a room my kid play in.

    1. I LOVE that idea!! There are a few puzzle scenes that I wouldn't mind having as wall art!