Monday, December 07, 2015

Doer of things (Havasu Falls & The Grand Canyon)

We have a friend who is living with us for the month while he is in between training. Over dinner the other night, the three of us dreamed up an adventure on a whim.

Last week we hiked a total of 24 miles in two days, carrying all of our clothing, food, and shelter to Havasu Falls. We hiked through the Grand Canyon into the
Havasupai Tribal lands, the Supai Village, and camped next to the bluest waters I've ever laid eyes on. It was tiring, but it was the most incredible and rewarding trip I have ever worked for/been on. 
trail head

The Village of Supai (interesting place if you want to research it)...
When we got into the village we sent postcards to our parents, the only place in the United States to send mail by mule.

12 miles later we reached the falls and our campground
Our Crew 

The view from our tents...
By now you know that I hate camping and this trip was no exception. I seriously put my big girl pants on most of this trip. No trip is complete without a traumatic camping story in my see that duct tape? Well throughout the night I keep hearing rustling outside and kept trying to ignore it, we were in the woods after all. Then, I started feeling this rustling creature press on me from outside the tent. I FREAKED! I woke B up and the force from this creature was so big that it was pushing me onto him. He yelled out for our friend and they instantly turned on their head lamps. Our tent had been chewed through and torn into a huge hole! The boys looked outside and it was a coon! A raccoon almost got into our tent! (I may have had some opened trail mix in my bag....) Once we taped the tent back up and threw the trail mix into the tree, he left us alone, but apparently Grand Canyon coons are ruthless!

As we were heading home, we decided to take a detour, 2 hours out of the way to see the Grand Canyon because you just have to see it, especially if you're that close.

All week during our trip, our friend kept saying the phrase; "You have to be a doer of things." It's something his grandmother said to him shortly before she past and this trip felt like we were truly living up to that . So glad the boys let me tag-a-long on this trip and were so encouraging along the way. My guy even carried my pack on top of his the last two miles straight up the canyon, I was a trooper most of the trip but those last two miles with a 50lb pack was outside of my fitness realm.

Also, I have some BIG news! Keep you posted, of course, when I can let the cat out of the bag!


  1. Looks like a trip of a lifetime!!!

    1. It really was! I was totally outside of my comfort zone, but it was worth it!

  2. This looks like such a wonderful trip! a lifetime memory for sure! You go girl for camping and hiking and packing all your stuff in one bag! Not sure how I would do with that ;) Your pictures are wonderful too! And you should so frame the one of you and Ben at the Grand Canyon! and I can't wait to hear your news!! such a teaser to leave us hanging! ;)

    1. I only did it because Ben was carrying half of our stuff, ha! Thanks goodness! I am most certainly going to have a couple of these printed out!

  3. What an incredible trip! This is something to tell your grandchildren about