Monday, December 14, 2015

30X30 - Day 5 (Monday Motivation)

This is what I'm wearing today....minus the boots + gold Gap slippers....
[Poncho: Target // Pants: Maurices // Beanie: Forever21 // Socks: H&M // Boots: Fergie // Earrings: Forever21 //Bracelet: Alex & Ani]

Ever since I quite my last job, Monday's have become my commissary and cleaning days. I get the the commissary first thing in the morning, like the second it opens, most likely before I am even technically allowed in, and once I'm home, I am usually home for the day. Maybe it's mundane, or super 1950's housewife of me, but it's my reset button for our family and I cherish it. Besides, it's my day to wear slippers most of the day.

And a little wisdom for your Monday. My future sister-in-law posted this the other day and I just found so much truth in the words.

Speaking of words....have you been thinking of your One Word for 2016?

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