Thursday, December 31, 2015

30X30 - Day 18 (a toast to twenty fifteen)

[Sweater: Target // Jeans: Silver // Boots: Fergie // Earrings: Francessca's // Belt: Forever 21 // Bracelets: Forever 21]

Unlike past years, we are spending the evening, just us two and toasting to an incredible year and living our last in California to it's fullest!

a toast to...

...welcoming my husband home, a moment and feeling that is completely indescribable

...our travels, sights that make us feel richer where it really counts 
in California.

in Florida.

in Arizona and finally being closer to them again!

...the New Year! A new job (for me!), the start of grad school (for him!), adventures driving across the country, a new state to call home, and that's all before March! 

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