Friday, November 13, 2015

I'm backkkkkkk & i missed you!

Oh my goodness y'all! I missed you - I want to throw my arms around all of you and squeeze you!
We were in North Carolina and due to a flight delay we ended up staying 2 extra days. It was amazing! However, we are so happy to be back in our home. We sure do miss Carolina, but your home is your home, not matter where it's at, ya know?

This past week my sister-in-law got married! Sarah (the bride) is one of my best friends and the sister I never had (even if she did tell me last minute I was the Matron of Honor! - excited/honored/terrified feelings all at once!). Here are a few photos from her big day...
Rich, the middle child of the Cole family, officiated the wedding!
Bride & Groom
Both families 
Giving my speech! I hate public speaking (hate it!), so other than my hands shaking uncontrollably, I think I did okay, especially because people clapped afterwards (according to the photo below) - not that I remembered it, I practically blacked-out. 
My future sister-in-law, my sister-in-law (the bride), and me!

I wanted y'all to see the dress that I ended up with! I ordered every one of the previous ones that I mentioned on the blog and none of them worked out. Last minute I stumbled upon this gem
My mother-in-law whipped up these bouquets in about 10 minutes from pieces of her garden. Gorgeous, right?

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