Monday, November 02, 2015

a muck a muck a muck

Happy Monday lovelies! 
It's Novemberrrrrrr! October was a long month and while I am so thankful for everything we celebrated all month, I am looking forward to things calming down through the New Year.

This morning I am taking down all our ghoulish decor and adding back our autumn touches, thinking about mine and my loves upcoming birthdays, feeling grateful, and giving thanks. 

Before I go into full Thanksgiving/Christmas* mode around here, I have to show you how our Halloween Costumes turned out...
Our friend Katie made the hoodies capes (tutorial here) for us which totally made the outfit and we all used dresses and booties from our closet, but I added links for how to get the rest of the looks.
Mary: Tights
Winfred: Hair Spray, Tights, Broom - 99 Cent Stores
Sarah: Wig, Tights, Mop - 99 Cent Stores
My handsome guy was the Brawny Man
Our friends happen to live on a street where each house goes all out with their decorations and the sidewalks were filled with Trick-or-Treaters! I purchased so much candy, swearing that we would be stuck with so many leftovers. Every piece was gone by 9. 
Any time people saw us, they just started quoting the movie. 
It was one of my favorite Halloween costumes and Halloween nights!

*Disclaimer: I say this every year. I share my Birthday with Thanksgiving, so for me the next 3 holidays all roll into one! Also, for fellow holiday combiners, Hallmark has already started Christmas movies, if your interested.


  1. Love your costume!!! Is it wrong that I already started DVRing those Hallmark movies?! love them!

  2. Your husbands costume just made my day. Wonderful!

  3. I loved your Halloween posts! Looked like a super fun night!

  4. Awesome costume! I wish I lived in a neighborhood that was that involved!