Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Visiting Big Bear, California

A few years ago I watched a Christmas movie on the Hallmark Channel that took place and Big Bear and this past weekend I was finally able to visit the cute little town. The weather was perfect this weekend, we even made a fire in our cottage! If you haven't been, please put this place on your list and if you go here are some things I suggest (other than skiing and snowboarding) to do:

1. Big Bear Lake Brewing - Their brews are fantastic, but if we're being honest, you HAVE to go for the Avocado Bomb!
2. Boulder Bay Park - This park is breathtaking and a good place to take dogs if you have them with you.

3. Miss Liberty Paddlewheel - Because this beautiful town is surrounded by this massive lake, you can't help but want to be apart of it. This is a 90 minute cruise around the lake where they talk all about the history of Big Bear. Bonus, you can order cocktails.  

4 & 5. Hiking the Interpretative Loop on the Woodland Trail & Watching the Sunset - A waitress we had recommended this one to us. The loop is an easy 1.5 miles, so easy you don't need to have workout clothing on. Afterwards, plop your behind in a good spot by the lake and watch the sunset.
6. The Village - cute shops, cute seasonal decor, and just all around cuteness.

7. Walk the Pier - I actually have no idea the name of this pier/walkway but if you drive past the Vons and there is a wooden walkway along the marsh that is perfect for a morning walk. A lot of the older folk walk along this pier early so making small talk and saying good morning to people who lived in a time when that was appreciated and don't look at you crazy, sets your morning up right.
8. Snow Summit Scenic Lift - It's about a 15 minute ride up, another 15 minute ride down and the best view of the town!

9. Oktoberfest - I actually did not want to go to this because I have a small anxiety for crowds, but this was so much fun! I don't even know how to explain it except to say the weirdness in me likes Oktoberfest like I like a Renaissance Festival.

10. Mountain Biking Spectating - Our friend happened to be racing the same weekend we were up there and it was such a blast to see him and be around that environment. Warning! If you are anything like me, it's a little extreme and you will literally clutch your hands any time you see someone come around a turn.

Have you been to Big Bear before? What was your favorite part?

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  1. What a fun trip! That ski lift looks awesome!