Friday, October 23, 2015

sorry you have to wear business clothes again...

Kim and her family are moving back to Texas. In doing so, she is having to go back into the office with the company that has allowed her to work remotely all over the country the last 4 years.
I thought of an idea that would allow her to see past business clothes and a morning and evening commute. Decorating her office space! Whether you are going back into the office or starting a new job, isn't this a fun alternative to flowers as a congratulation? Besides, who doesn't LOVE office supplies?!

Most of the items I got at Marshalls and Michaels, and a few off of Amazon.

Items I included:
Trinket Trays, Wooden Block Letter, Binder Clips
Kate Spade Pens, Journal, Kate Spade Tumbler, Gift Tags, Notebooks


  1. Now that's the kind of desk decorations I need. Would make my military office look a little less sterile! For now all I have is a pink stapler.