Thursday, October 15, 2015

Paint & Wine Night - A Vlog

Yesterday evening I went over to Tiff's for a paint and wine night. We followed along with a YouTube video and the whole evening was able to be at our pace, super fun! Both mine and Tiff's birthdays are in November and since Kim will not be here, she surprised us with early gifts too!

And I vlogged?.
Like super unprofessional so I don't even know if it counts. Also, it was 1000 degrees outside and we don't have AC, so yeah, that's what that glooooooow was....

Anyways, maybe a few of these will make an appearance every once in a while, maybe not, subscribe to my "channel" if you would like to keep up to date with any videos I do post though...

PS. It's national red wine day. Cheers!


  1. I loved watching this! I totally want to be friends with you girls. Thrifty & fun :)

    1. You're sweet!! Come'on over next time! ;)

  2. How fun! You have an awesome "recorded" voice, BTW, I always hate hearing myself on playback!

  3. Girl, I applaud you for doing a vlog haha I've been trying SO hard to get myself to do some for my beauty posts, but it's just so strange. Like you said, I feel like I'm talking to myself which makes it awkward haha but it looks like you had a great night!!