Wednesday, October 07, 2015

O Captain. My Captain!

Like I mentioned last week my husband was promoted to Captain of the United States Marine Corps and I couldn't be more proud!! This promotion felt so special because we were able to share the moment with best friends who has been a part of the journey with us. The promoting officer and the person who pinned him alongside myself are two of his best friends, marines he looks up to, two of the guys he deployed with.
Looking back over the last few years, I feel so blessed to be where we are now. My husband has been given amazing opportunities to grow as a marine and we have been given the opportunity to take the personal challenges of this lifestyle and grow together. 

My husband is an incredible leader and an even better learner. He is loved and respected and he loves and respects others. He is passionate about this job and about our country, and so deserving of this promotion.


  1. Congrats to your husband!! Zack should be promoted any time now and as much as I want him to have a promotion, I'm already saddened by the fact that I wont be able to pin him. I missed his last promotion by 2 days (we were living long distance - he got promoted on the 1st and I drove down to marry him on the 3rd) and now this will probably be his last promotion before he gets out and I'll miss this one too. Military life is always so bittersweet lol