Friday, October 16, 2015

color me happy

Let's discuss adult coloring books? 
I have wanted to talk about them forever, but I just recently got one as a gift and now I am obsesssssssed. In our stockings every Christmas my mom adds a coloring book and crayons, but this whole adult coloring book takes it too a new level.
This page is my next project.
I am the kind of person that  has to constantly be fiddling with something so this is perfect in the evenings when we're watching TV or just hanging out.
To get you started here, are a few I suggest:
Mine and one I recently sent to my friend, Britney - "Today is going to be a great Day!"
The Calm
Creative Haven
Winter Magic


  1. Oh man, I want that book! I got the one I did because it was literally the last one Target had. Literally-literally, not white girl literally. This looks way better!

    1. LITERALLY it's only $8 too! ha! Inside has gift tags and little inspirational notes that you can send friends along with the normal coloring pages!