Thursday, August 06, 2015

Summer Tomato Soup

But during deployment I ate soup, all. the. time. I could probably eat soup year round, and when I saw a summer soup on the most recent edition of Real Simple and I obviously could not pass up a good soup recipe, especially during a season where soups are not as popular.
The soup has everything summery, full of shrimp, zuchinni, and corn. 
When I took the first bite, I was instantly taken back to my Grammy's house and her garden that we spent summers picking corn on stalks twice our size, searching in the green leaves for zucchini and cucumbers, and fresh green beans. I love that food has the power to do that.  
I made jalapeno cornbread in mini muffin pans to pair with the soup and they were the perfect addition. Okay, before you start completely craving fall, and all things pumpkin, you got to give this a try. Recipe here.


  1. that nibble plate is adorable! and i love soups, too--especially the ones left in a crock-pot so i can be extra lazy :)

    1. Thank you! It's from Marshalls! I am certain that's half the reason I love soups, everything in one pot...little clean up!