Tuesday, August 18, 2015

red wall

When we first moved into our condo there we a couple of rooms painted colors that wouldn't be my first choice, or my 50th. We planned on living here for a year so we didn't bother to ask painting over them. We signed a lease driving across country, and we figured once we got to know the area better, we'd move to a more ideal location for us. Well 3 years later we're still here and will didn't move because we are in such a great spot, close to the beach, restaurants, and friends, it made no sense to leave. As time past though we still never painted. Our bedroom has a deep red wall that has been a bit of an eye sore for me since we moved.

At first we put up fairy lights around the bed which I loved, but I wanted the room to feel a little more grown-up. I took down the fairy lights, saved them for the Christmas tree, and added these baskets to the wall. I actually found them when I was sending my parents suggestions for their bedroom. My dad recently moved back to Charlotte (yay!!!!!) so they are consolidating furniture from two homes (double yay for hand-me-downs!) The contrast of the red wall really makes the baskets pop which makes me dislike the color a little less.
Still, I really want to slap a grey or off white color to the walls. #neutralsforlife

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  1. Yea I am not a fan of red either. I don't get the obsession people have with it need siding, red kitchens, so ugly. But I do really like the baskets you hung. Looks really nice.