Friday, August 07, 2015

good things

Happy Friday y'all!! 

Yesterday I had the honor of watching a good friend graduate from the San Diego Police Academy as their newest Deputy. I cried (we're getting I cry a lot, right?). I am not sure what felt more amazing, watching her throughout this entire process and being able to support her, or her actually walking across that stage....
I feel so blessed to live a life where I am surrounded by so many people who love to serve our country, it's humbling every single day.

Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend! What are you plans? 
This is my last weekend with my hubby (ughhhhhhhhh, already gone again) so we're camping in Julian (so much for #1 on the bucket list). We have absolutely nothing woodsy planned except for the tent. We're visiting wineries, going gold mining, dinners out, and a massage. Really, we're only using a fire for breakfast, S'mores, and lighting while playing board games at night. Things are really pivotal in these next few months. I am just soaking in the support, and all the good things I've got.  

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