Tuesday, August 11, 2015

5 places you MUST visit, while visiting Julian, California

Before my husband left, he wanted take a last minute trip and suggested camping in Julian. By camping we just needed a place to sleep and bed & breakfasts are a tad pricey in the area. I swear the people camping next to us kept thinking, "city folk" or "so this is how youngins' camp." We got judgey stares every time we left our camp site at 9am and didn't return until 10pm in the evening, which made us laugh. Other than the tent sleeping, we had such a fun and relaxing getaway! We met a lot of the locals which in a town like this will take you to places you hadn't planned on and work into your advantage.
5 places we visited this weekend and all 5 I recommend for MUST SEES:

1. Julian Hard Cider
Julian Hard Cider is located in a building a few miles away from Julian in Wynola. The building looks like a large warehouse building or a flea market and filled with shops and restaurants. This building also has a Mead tasting room (Gold Coast Mead) that was really good, it was my first time tasting Mead. We stopped in because right now they have Apple Pie Cider that tastes like fall and the weather was so perfect, it almost felt like autumn was right around the corner. We met the owner of the company who is a prior Corpsman which instantly made us love the company even more, but the whole atmosphere of the place was rustic Americana accompanied by country music playing in the background. I almost forgot I was in California for a second. Since we're talking spirits, there are a lot of breweries and wineries to test out.

2. History Lesson - Eagle & High Point Gold Mining
Just a few blocks behind Julian's main street is the Eagle and High Point Gold Mine (cash only!). It was unexpectedly a lot more fun than I even imagined and I am the cheese when it comes to things like this. Getting to actually walk through the mountain and tour where these miners worked back in the late 1800's and early 1900's, turned out to be such a great history lesson. Besides, how cool is it that we walked through an entire mountain. 

3. Apple Pie!!
There is a huge debate on who has the best pie in Julian. I am not biased, I love Mom's and I love Julian Pie Co. I think the real difference is a piece of pie and a piece of pie a la mode. A la mode is better, obviously, cinnamon a la mode to be exact. 

4. Shops & Root Beer Tasting
There are some adorable little shops on Main Street. The General Store is my favorite though, I would decorate my whole house with the things they have. On the weekends they have Root Beer tastings. Who doesn't love Root Beer? 
Dinner at Romano's
Romano's is one of the later open restaurants in Julian and some incredible dishes. It's super quaint, small town feel at its finest. You have to get the strawberry, pistachio, & chocolate ice cream after dinner! So tasty!
Julian is so charming and almost a world a part from coastal California and only an hour drive inland. There is so much more to do than you initially think. A couple of years ago we did an entire different trip to Julian. So many options y'all, make an entire weekend out of it!


  1. looks like so much fun!! my husband and i love camping bc it's a cheap vacation, and i am always assuming people look at us like "kids these days" with a shake of the head, because we never bring firewood and are usually buying the not-dried-out stuff from the camp store, etc. etc. haha

    1. hahaha! That was totally how we had breakfast and lunch and then had dinner out! We only used our fire for s'mores!

  2. Yes to the cinnamon ice cream! The best.

    1. THE. BEST!! So glad someone else agrees!

  3. That looks like fun! I tried mead a few years ago and it is so delicious! At the Renaissance Festival in Maryland you could get a "Bee Sting" which was hard cider mixed with mead, and it was one of the best drinks I ever had.