Tuesday, July 28, 2015

tiny updates

A few months ago, my friend over at Thrifty Finds & Redesigns added a neat little sign on the door of her guest bathroom so it would be easier to find it. She ordered her plaque on Amazon and I had wishlisted it for future reference in a future home. We're tettering on where the Marine Corps is going to be sending us next so I have been doing my best to stop decorating this particular space until we have a better sense of what's next. On Sunday, B and I were running errands and happened to be next to World Market so we obviously stopped in. Shoved in the back of a shelf behind Myer's cleaning products, I stumbled on this bathroom sign. 

I was so anxious to hang it, I barely put our bags down before ripping it out of the bag and nailing it up. Now that I look at these photos, this vintage bath house print I framed, point's to the bathroom kind of. Neat!  Well, if I didn't realize that, I can't imagine a guest making that connection so this sign is much more obvious.

Another item I scored was this adorable antiqued drying rack.  
How Fixer Upper is this cute piece?

Total: $22 for an awesome update to the bathroom and sideboard table!

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  1. Jordan! Have you heard of Pineapple Paperie? They're a company based in Hawaii and sell washi tape/deco stickers. I saw a pineapple necklace and it reminded me of one of your blog post. Here's their link: www.pineapplepaperie.com