Tuesday, July 21, 2015

surf meets the turf

Last Saturday we went to the races at Del Mar, something that I've had on my California Bucket List since we moved here. Our friends Tiffany and Mark wanted to celebrate their anniversary there and invited a large group to come along and share in the celebration.
This gentleman was singing the Del Mar song as we exited the shuttle.
Mint Juleps for the win!
There we 10 races total and we bet each race we bet $2, but said beforehand that we weren't going to go over $20. We have some friends who are big into gambling, but for us it was just exciting to be a part of the fun! We were only choosing based on their name anyways, zero math behind it.
It rained the entire day. Honestly, I have gotten so used to it never raining that I have stopped looking at the weather. Thankfully our seats were covered and we had an absolute blast regardless!

Tip* If you live in North Country, you can take the Coaster down to Solana Beach and hop on a free shuttle to the racetracks which practically drop you off at the entrance.


  1. You and your man look so good! A day at the races is always fun!!


  2. I LOVE your outfit!!! Looks like a fun day :)