Thursday, July 30, 2015

small towns

A few weekends ago, we were at Frazier Farms, a local grocery store, and ran into a lady and her husband who we saw at a local brewery listening to music. Then, last weekend we were waiting in line for the train and B started up a conversation with someone behind us and almost instantly, they said, "We sat behind you all at dinner a couple of nights ago."

I looked at my husband once we sat on the train and said, "Oceanside is starting to feel like a small town." Oceanside is NOT a small town, and it's probably because we rarely go outside of a 6 mile radius from home (Have you seen the traffic in California?), but I like that we've created that for our world. 

Recently Country Living posted their 50 Best Small Towns and of the 50 I've been to 4 which I thought was pretty neat!

Beaufort, South Carolina 

Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

I've never met a small town I didn't like, the community, the charm, the peacefulness, I love all that they offer.
Here are a few others I've been to and fallen in love with through the years...

Here are a few I want to visit...
Williamsburg, Virginia
Eureka Spring, Arkansas
Stowe, VT
Edenton, North Carolina


  1. I love small towns too. There is just something so cozy about them and there are always so many wonderful mom and pop restaurants/ shops that take you back in time. I cannot wait to check out this list. I do love Davidson, NC. You will fall in love with Williamsburg and Stowe.

    1. Mom and pop restaurants are the best!! Yay! That gives me something wonderful to look forward to!!

  2. I love New Bern, NC. It's right next door to our current base. Downtown is so adorable. I love walking around and going into the little shops and walking on the waterfront. So fun! But believe it or not, I'm the only one in my friends group who likes it. They never let me choose where we go out because they know 75% of the time, I'll want to go to New Bern. They hate it. They're from Texas and to them, nothing compares and I hear all about it (lucky me lol). They're not small town kind of people. They find New Bern to be incredibly boring.

    I also recommend checking out Williamsburg, VA! It has so much history and so much to do nearby. I haven't been there in years, but I remember liking it a lot. Stowe, VT is also super cute, but definitely go in the autumn! The foliage is gorgeous. There are tons of little country stores that you can go through. Everything is locally made so most stores have food samples like cheeses and apple cider. I love it. I didn't like living in Vermont, but it's fun to visit for a weekend getaway :)

    1. I LOOOOOOOVE New Bern too!! We had one of our first dates there, because B's family is actually from where y'all are stationed! I can't imagine people not loving it! We have Texas friends....pshhhhh we spent a few days there when we drove across country. It's a fun state, but there are plenty of other equally great places. However, I get defensive about my state.... :)

  3. New Bern is one of my favorite places near Camp Lejeune. It reminds me so much of Old Town Alexandria (where we lived before here) that it makes me homesick! I also love Williamsburg VA. We went when I was 8 and I told my parents I was going to go to William and Mary College so I could work as one of the Historical Actors in my free time! Needless to say that did not happen but my parents still like to make fun of me for that! Plus Busch Gardens is right there and military can get in for free once a year! Totally worth a long weekend!