Tuesday, July 07, 2015


A few days ago the girls and I had brunch at a cute restaurant in Carlsbad called Cafe Topes. The second you walked in you were flooded with inspiration, one that caught our eye in particular was how they displayed their daily specials on a roll of craft paper hanging on the wall. Over the 4th of July, Tiffany recreated this look to display the beers at her party.
I simply LOVE this idea! I wrap gifts in kraft paper so I have a lot of it lying around. I think it would be fantastic to have this in a kitchen area with the meals for the week written out. I do not have the wall space anymore in our current home, but plan on using this idea whenever we move. It would be a slight upgrade from writing our meals on a post-it that's slapped on our refrigerator.
Kraft Paper + Twine + Wall Hook (Obviously one that has a good anchor to it so it doesn't rip out of the wall)
This would be good too to display quotes on a wall, a family bucket list or goals, a weekly bible verse, the possibilities are endless!

Hope y'all had a fantastic holiday, we sure did!

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