Wednesday, July 08, 2015

garden escape

I am such a sucker for a garden or any kind of farm land which is kind of hilarious because I swear I have a black thumb. The other day I was googling "things in the area" that we have never done before, something low key and inexpensive and somehow I stumbled on Myrtle Creek Gardens & Nursery. I begged Ben; okay I just stuck my lip out for like a second while asking him to take me and he obliged. This place was eccentric, vibrant, and even had GOATS!
 After perusing the garden, visiting the barn and the wild bird sanctuary, you can stop in for a farm to table snack at Cafe Bloom and even make a fairy garden! This place was my cup of tea and I can't believe I didn't know this hidden treasure existed. There were many moments I felt for a second I was in another state, especially after we stumbled on a beautiful plantation home on the top of a hill that was where the original owners of farm lived in the 1860's. I just couldn't believe it's not lived in now, broke my heart a bit.
Check out more that this garden offers here.


  1. Well? Did you build a fairy garden?!

    1. I didn't! There were a lot of little ones waiting in line and I was getting hangry with is never a fun sight!