Thursday, June 18, 2015

Welcome to the South - Gift Basket

The other day I talked to you about a gift basket Britney made for the people who bought their house, well B and I did something similar for friends who got married this past weekend. I love crafting a gift basket and as silly as it may sound, there is a science to it.

Our friends Neal and Ally tied the knot last Friday and then up and MOVED 3 days later! They are currently on their way to Georgia for a couple of months and after going to North Carolina. Since they are not from the south, we decided to give them a themed gift for their wedding. We filled a basket full of all things southern (*Note: It's hard to find anything "southern" on the west coast - Amazon helps).

Links: Gun & Garden Southerner's HandbookSavannah Bee Company Tupelo Honey, Palmetto Farms Cornbread Mix - I love this whole company, hush puppy mix and best of all grits, but I wanted to ease them into it, Junior Johnson's Moonshine, oyster shuckers

And when this is the reaction to your know you did something right.

PS. Since they wouldn't fit, I made them promise their first purchase would be a set of rocking chairs to round out their immersion into the south.

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