Monday, June 29, 2015

Monday Motivation - 4th of July Edition

We're back from Florida! We are feeling completely rejuvenated, but also happy to be home. Can I be honest with y'all for a minute? While we were in Florida, I kept complaining to B about how much I wanted to move back to the south, how much I missed it, and how I was "over" living in California. I felt bad whining to him about it around every turn, but the south matches my personality so much and I found myself missing even the little things.

On Saturday evening we arrived back in San Diego as we were taking a cab back to our condo, B the cab driver and I started talking about how beautiful the city was. The weather was perfect and the city lights twinkled in reflection off the bay. In the midst of conversation we learned that our driver was from Iraq. I remember at one point in the conversation we asked him how he likes living in San Diego and he responded with, "I am living in America, what is not to like."

He told us the story of his family coming here and listening to the obstacles that his family endured to get to this country, I felt incredibly silly antagonizing about living in one great city over another all week. It really brought me back into perspective of all that we have here in the United States. We have the freedom to move and live in so many beautiful places, the freedom to disagree on politics and form our own opinions, the freedom to grab opportunities that many people don't even dream of. Sometimes we get wrapped up in our world that we start to feel entitled by what we are given by simply being born here. 

For your motivation this week, if nothing else, be thankful that you get to live in this country and live freely.

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