Tuesday, May 19, 2015

diggin' it

I have always admired my mom for her green thumb. She's had a garden since before I can even remember, growing everything from figs and strawberries to tomatoes and squash. Not to mention she can take the tiniest piece of plant, repot it, and like magic it blooms into something extravagant.

When my parents were here this last week, I took my mom to the Succulent Cafe. It's a quaint coffee shop down the street from my house. It's completely outdoors and hidden in a small cove that's overflowing with succulent plants. After a few laps around the space, we had an entire tray full of these colorful beauties. Feeling ambitious, I decided to even get a few succulents myself. Yesterday, I potted all of my new lovelies and also repotted an aloe plant we've had forever (can't believe it's still alive) and a couple of herbs.
Right now I have Rosemary and Mint and with one more pot left in to fill my tray I am debating on either Parsley or Basil. I use both equally, so it will probably come down to which I stumble on first. 
I have learned that I can most definitely keep succulents alive seeing that I have gone about 3 years with this guy and just decided it was time to repot him after seasons of obvious crowding. The roots on this guy were insane! Like almost gross. He made me work for it too, I left with a few battle wounds from those brutal pricks.
Before I potted my succulents, I did a little reading and here are a few helpful hints I discovered that I didn't realize before...
  • After planting succulents, you want to wait to water them for a week so the roots can adjust to the soil.
  • Green succulents are the easiest to maintain. They need a little less heat and sun than other colors, so unless you're like my momma and can bring any plant to life on a single root, green is the way to go.

Later in the afternoon I invited Kim over for a late lunch on the patio, showcasing my new beauties.
Wilson Creek - White Cabernet
And you know what that sweet friend of mine did? She brought over a gift for me and they were pots! We were shopping together the other day and I wasn't finding any pots that I liked. She found some gorgeous turquoise one for me! Looks like it's time to head back to the succulent cafe and pick out a few more...
Aren't they perfect?!

PS. I have a question...have you ever moved (a long distance) and taken your plants with you? I would love tips on how to move them if you have any advice.


  1. What fun! I kill all plants as much as I want to be a gardener. I haven't tried succulents yet but I have a friend that swears by them. Enjoy!

  2. New follower here! I am horrible at keeping plants alive and everyone says succulents! I'm still scared...! It got to the point where I would have dead plants as decorations... Oops!


  3. Hi, Jordan! This is your Marine Mom fan from just south of Charlotte who wrote you last New Year's. So enjoying your blog and love that the deployment is finished, for now at least. Love the glass pendants and especially the message you wrote for your girlfriends. My son is still a 2nd LT at Corpus Christi doing Primary Flight Training. Yes, we have moved plants twice cross-country. They did fine. The best place for them was on the floor of the back seat, more stable and for taller plants, more room. I'm hoping your question means you might be headed back East soon! Keep blogging and adding your wonderful style to your readers' lives!

  4. I love what you did to your porch!! Stealing a few ideas that I saw!!!