Tuesday, April 28, 2015

packed for an adventure

[Dress: Juicy Couture for Kohls, Scarf: Forever 21, Sandals: Report, Bag: Val Marie Paper, Earrings: Kate Spade, Sunglasses: Ralph Lauren]

B got me this canvas bag for Christmas and it's come in such handy over the last week. First, I've loved finally using it! Second, we have been on the go since his homecoming. Poor kid was so busy for so long that he feels antsy sitting at home for more than 30 minutes. I don't mind it though, just trying to keep up!

Speaking of keeping up, this tea is key. I discovered it a few months ago and it's seriously my new favorite! It has the strength of coffee and so many healthy benefits too! Win, win.
When your husband can't handle your hippie...
La Montage in Laguna Beach
It's been bliss having him home, even though we are equally trying to get adjusted to life together again, we're not thinking about it too much, just enjoying each other. I am looking forward to getting back into a little routine this week. I am such a creature of habit.


  1. That bag is super cute! I've been looking for a weekend kind of bag for a while now and just haven't found one I like yet. Also, where do you purchase that tea? I've never seen it before!

  2. I'm loving following all your adventures! And yes, don't think too much, just enjoy each other. :) And if you ever need some reintegration vent space, I'm always happy to listen.