Friday, March 20, 2015

Spring {a to do list}

Looking forward to fresh scents, wildflowers, pretty colors, and trying new things:

Trend it...
Call it what you want; boho, 70s inspired, or romantic, I've love a little cold shoulder.

Smell it...
I am obsessed with Scentsy, after swearing that I never would because I am a candle girl. Now I am addicted to both. Lush Gardenia is my favorite Spring scent and I just ordered the new Goldsmith warmer. This pineapple plug-in is totally wishlisted, and thanks to Kohl's cash will be mine. 

Make it...
Homemade Dryer Sheets
After reading about the number of chemicals that are in dryer sheets (which is a total contradiction to my obsession with Scentsy) and realizing that I have everything to make my own...I am wanting to give these a try. Especially because they will save money and one less thing I need to purchase at the grocery store.

Test it...
100% Pure makeup products. My friend, Chambrey, introduced me into this company and as I am running low on my foundation, I am planning on placing an order.

All of the ingredients are chemical free and all colored from fruit pigments. They even sent me a color sample (below) so I am able to pick the best blend for my skin tone. Also, they have the best return policy.

Organize it... 
We have finally started to be more conscious about recycling. Because I didn't want to spend $200 on a glorified trash bin, I opted for dual trashcans at $24 for both that I label for trash and recycle. They take up more room, but on the other hand, they take up more room, which means less trips down to the compost. It's crazy how little trash you actually use and how much recycle we were tossing. Cringe.

Live it...

Happy first day of Spring, friends!! What are you trying new this season?

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  1. I make my own lavender dryer satchets. They work great and I never have to buy dryer sheets!