Wednesday, March 11, 2015


The past week I stayed at a friends house watching over her sweet puppies. My friend is the most accommodating person, but when I walked through the door of our condo, I was instantly overcome with that indescribable feeling of being home.

It's where I am at peace, it's memories made, it's laughter and a few heated discussions, it's a glass of wine and conversation over a homemade meal, it's waking up to music and breakfast in bed on Saturday morning, it's him around every corner, it's a bubble bath and candles, it's knowing the nooks and crannies.

Together or apart, this is our home.
This is where we have built a foundation for this chapter, this is the place we look forward to most. Upon entering my home yesterday, I felt confidence in my decision to stay here in California throughout the duration of my husband's deployment. From this point in our marriage, I told myself that regardless of the duty station or the number of months he will be home versus gone, I will follow my husband. Where he is and where we can be together is where our home is.

There is such comfort in that word. 
Am I right?


  1. As a retired Air Force wife I was so touched by this post! I was reminded of the many homes we made throughout his career, many while he was thousands of miles away from us. It's cliche but true: military wife is the toughest job but one I would have never traded.
    Bless you both in your journey and thank you for your service.

  2. Staying at our post during deployment was so beneficial for me. I can't imagine doing it any other way! I'm glad it's been an enriching experience for you!