Friday, January 02, 2015

One Word.

I am typically nostalgic about the new year, but this year I am welcoming 2015 with the biggest smile and the most open arms. This year promises many changes for our family, a lot of anxiously waiting, and most exciting, the homecoming of my handsome husband.

(Read how I chose my word this year)

I was reading a my devotion the other day and it stated:

God wants us to know joy now! Not tomorrow, not when we have healed, not when sorrow has past, not when we've lost 10 pounds, not when our debt is paid off, not when we get that promotion, but now. 

Joy resides in God himself, draw near to Him.

Instead of focusing on life by "pay periods" or when we figure out where we will be moving to next, or if we will even be continuing on in the military community, I need to stay focused on the joy I have today. The friendships, the experience, every day my husband is safe, every day my family has their health, every time I see the ocean, every time I get my favorite drink at Starbucks. See the joy I have now.

Instead of worrying about what is to come, I will choose joy today and tomorrow, the rest of this time we may have here in California and into the next adventure. I will allow things to sort themselves out and have joy in knowing that they will.

"Do not grieve, for the joy of the Lord is your strength." - Nehemiah 8:10

What word have you chosen to inspire your year?


  1. Love your word and that quote! Do you mind me asking where that quote is from? My word for this year is "Mettle" - its not a common word, but it sums up the things I have been praying for this coming year!
    :) Blessings,

    1. The quote is from a devotional inside of my bible - I've had the bible for years, it's practically falling apart so I am not sure who it's from, but I do know it's from the Zondervan brand. Happy New year!

  2. I love this! It is so true that we associate joy with the bigger things--like trips, pay days, and big events--but in reality, there is joy in every day. Thanks for the reminder!