Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Good morning y'all! I hope everyone is getting their stretchiest pants and over-sized sweaters ready for a day dedicated to celebrate God's goodness and all we have to be Thankful for as we share in fellowship around the table and football around the couch.
A few things I am thankful for...

Friends to celebrate (and get me through) the holidays!
Bubble baths with extra bubbles please.
Marriage, and it being so much more amazing than I imagined.

Christmas cards. Save the Dates. Baby announcements.
Happy mail in general. 

A family that is almost too much in each other's business for our own good.
Loved ones sending care packages upon care packages for B and all the guys he's deployed with.

Candles that smell like pine for Christmas. Pumpkin Spice for autumn. Lemon and Lavender for spring. Beachwalk for summer.
Twinkle lights.
The spin of my Kitchen Aid Mixer and cookies shortly after, baking in the oven.

Sweet friends that so graciously allow me to destroy their Netflix recommendations and replace them with overly cheesy Christmas movies.
The military community.

Clean water to drink, cook with, shower with, and wash with. Can you imagine what life would be like without it? A lot of people do.
A full belly.
A Mantle (a faux mantle, but a mantle nevertheless) to decorate. 

The opportunity to live in California and experience life outside of my comfort zone.
Exciting changes to come in the New Year and knowing no matter what, He is carrying us through it all.

Friendsgiving last this past Sunday!
And as if I didn't know already, after this post, realizing just how blessed we are to be surrounded by so many people that love us and how grateful I am to God for giving me this life and those who I share it with.

What are you thankful for this year?


  1. Love this post! We should make a habit of sitting down and listing our blessings.

    I can second a lot of these. At the moment I'm especially thankful for a heated home.

  2. You have such an awesome support system. Love this!