Friday, November 14, 2014

Happy Birthday... the one that has witty humor  always keeps my toes warm  takes the scenic road home  favors a dirty martini on the rocks with 2 blue cheese stuffed olives •  always hugs me just before I start crying in a movie  shows no mercy during a game of scrabble • never misses the opportunity to kiss my flushed cheeks after a couple glasses of red wine • the life of the party and the favorite boss  

You are the whole package...
... and I cherish every single second with you.

Side by side forever baby.
Happy Birthday!


  1. How sweet! :) today is my husbands birthday too!

  2. the sweetest...Happy Birthday to Ben! another scorpio! I'm sure this day is hard being away from each other, thinking of you lady! isn't your birthday coming up as well?!
    have a good weekend,