Thursday, November 13, 2014

Baby White is HERE!

Sorry I have been MIA the past few days, but one of my best friends just had a baby!!!!

Kim is one of my first close friends that I've had the privilege watching her pregnancy journey (and you too, sort of - gender reveal - baby shower) from day one.  Like the night we joked how exciting it will be when she gets pregnant - and she was even though none of us knew it!

Here is the first moment I held the little one and it was pure bliss. I started crying the second she was placed in my arms, her little fingers and toes, her sweet expressions, I could stare at her all day, she is absolutely perfect in every way. I have visted in the hospital, probably too many times allotted acceptable for non-family to visit, but I just couldn't help myself.
During her stay, they have had her wrapped her up in this pink blanket homemade from my momma, and a few Ace (our family dog) hairs. It was so sweet seeing her laying in her baby bin, so teeny tiny, wrapped up in this fluffy pink blanket like a little pink burrito.
Mom and Dad are both doing incredibly well, but after all the excitement, every one is a little tired.
Congrats to the new parents!!!

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  1. Aww! so precious :) Congrats to them & to you too! When one of my closest girlfriends had her baby I was probably at the hospital too much too!! haha, those babies are just so sweet when born! and honestly it was nice to go visit...and then leave...haha, is that bad?! xo!