Wednesday, October 15, 2014

fall fix - at Chagrin Falls

I'm back! I had such a wonderful trip visiting my parents. Although it was hard to come back, it sure was good to sleep in my own bed last night. When I arrived in Cleveland, we headed straight to Chagrin Falls for breakfast at Yours Truly.
Chagrin Falls is one of my most favorite towns, ever.
(Also, it happens to be the hometown of this lady!)
I am pretty sure my parents planned this to be the first stop because they knew I would constantly feel antsy until I visited. After breakfast, we went in just about every shop, making a special stop into Nola True. I never leave empty handed in that boutique. 
Bottoms up!

Don't you just want to pick up and move to this quaint little town? I do! I already have my house (it's so stunning it's one that is probably passed down from generation to generation) picked out.
I guess you could say I got my fall fix,
light winds that carried leaves across the sky,
chunky sweaters,
colorful trees in all directions,
crisp, fresh air,
crunchy leaves under my boots,
but I could have stayed in that moment forever (if my husband was with me).


  1. The way you capture and write about my hometown makes me wonder if I am crazy for leaving. But then I go back and see the 2' of snow and remember what brought me to YOUR hometown :) Next trip you must do the following: eat Notso fries at Yours Truly, eat a Chicken Bacon Ranch Wrap from Park Side Grill, go after they have decorated for Christmas because you will feel straight out of a freaking holiday movie on ABC family and then leave good old Chag Falls and have your parents drive you to Bass Lake Tavern in Chardon for the best meal of your damn life (shameless plug for my Dad's restaurant).