Friday, September 19, 2014

super hero

Sometimes where I work is There are moments I think I should have followed my original college path and become a teacher. Or maybe I just want a baby. Wait. Not yet.
Anyways, today is SUPER HERO DAY at work! It's been our second super hero day (since I've worked there) and, "Oh my gosh!" these little munchkins are so cute and so excited to show off their theme wear, especially today.

 Slowly my collection of theme wear for work is growing and I got super excited when I found this Marvel tee at Walmart (of all places). I wanted a Captain America shirt but they didn't have one. However, I did find this awesome gem.
Just's probably my new favorite...
[Top: Walmart, Jeans: American Eagle, Shoes: Charlotte Russe]

Do you have a favorite superhero? Marvel or DC?

When B and I first started dating, he started calling my dad Superman. Even still, my dad is in B's phone as Mr. Superman Ozga.

For me, Captain America is hands down my favorite superhero.


  1. This is too cute. My ultimate favorite textbook "Superhero" is Batman, which I guess makes me DC. But I really, really love the Captain American story and Wonder Woman. However my ultimate superhero who reigns over all of them is Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Forever and always! I'm loving the comics they've created that started off where the show left off. :) I LOVE this shirt. So colorful, fun and inclusive having all the avengers on it AND the burnout feel is awesome. Such a fun way to spend the day. I might need to get this - I'm heading to a "Geek Gathering Con" here locally this weekend.

  2. Spider-man is the one for me. My boyfriend's closest group of friends each have their own super hero and it is not uncommon to hear them being called by their fave.