Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Refresh Body Spray

Many Saturday's after beach yoga I end up running errands. Most days, we have a nice marine layer to keep us cool on the beach, but on some days the sun is beaming intensely and between that and my warrior pose, I can work up a good sweat. On those days in particular, I make sure I have a body spray for a little spritz before heading anywhere into public. 

Refresh Body Spray
1 tbsp of Witch Hazel
40 drops of Lavender
40 drops of Grapefruit
3.5 oz of Distilled Water
Add liquids into a 4oz bottle and mix together. Shake each time before use.

I have also made one that substitutes Grapefruit with Lemon (may have gotten the inspiration from a Yankee Candle), maybe even more a favorite, but both are still delicious.

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  1. Another one I'm going to have to pin! This sounds like something great to have on hand out here in Okinawa just for mid-day freshening up in the humidity!