Monday, September 15, 2014

full stream ahead

This weekend we had one of our most favorite dates since we have lived in California. I came home from work on Thursday to surprise dinner cruise tickets on the Hornblower for Saturday.
When you board the ship, you are greeted with a glass of champagne and escorted to your seat. I was thinking we would be at a community table with other people. Normally that would have been alright with us, but we were not feeling in the mood to be social with others. To our delight, we had our own '2 top' on the main level, next to the dance floor and windows with city views in just about every direction.
The food was fantastic - with upgrade offers for the extra hungry tummy. B ordered everything he thought he would miss over the next 6 months. You want 3 different desserts hun? Sure.
There was one point in the night, an elderly couple came out onto the dance floor. The woman was in a wheelchair and her husband picked her up and danced with her for a minute or so to, The Very Thought of You. I bawled, not that I was emotionally stable to start with.
..And because we can only keep up the fancy facade for a little while, we had some fun with the boat equipment.
We cannot wait to do this again! If you are in San Diego and want a fun place to have dinner, this is it. There is not a single restaurant in the area that has a better view or more exciting entertainment.

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  1. How Fun! I love stuff like this! I would have bawled at the couple on the dance floor too.