Wednesday, August 06, 2014

DIY Poo Spray

Have you seen this commercial before?
It popped up as a YouTube ad before a video and 2 seconds in I was hooked for the entire 2 minutes. And by the end, I left myself thinking..."Is this real?" And then I researched it to find that it was. Marketing team for the win!

I am all for this product because I tend to be fairly discrete about my business (other than blogging it here...ha!). Call me old school, but if I can avoid it, I do not poop, burp, or fart in front of my husband. Don't freak out on me, to each their own, I am not judging. It has nothing do do with my lack of comfort around him, I just personally don't do it. 

This past weekend I created a DIY Poo Spray that actual does work!

What You Need: 
2oz spray bottle (preferably glass and a dark color)
3 tablespoons rubbing alcohol 
80 drops of Grapefruit essential oil (any citrus oil will work well!)

Add the ingredients to the spray bottle, shake, and set in a convenient spot for use!


  1. PooPourri changed my life! I won it in a blog giveaway years ago. I gave some to a friend when she was having undiagnosed gastro issues (resolved now) so she could feel a little more comfortable in public places. Thanks for sharing the hack. :-)

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHA can't stop laughing at that youtube video!

  3. I love these sprays! I got some in to review from Squatty Potty and fell in love! I left it out to pack some in our suitcase to bring to Okinawa with us, and was so sad to discover I left it in our house!
    I am LOVING all of your essential oil recipes! I often find myself trying not to get swept up "in the craze" of essential oils because I don't know much about them and feel like I wouldn't use them nearly enough to make the investment! Seeing all these practical uses for them though really gets me interested to keep learning more! Keep em coming, gal :D

  4. Your EO obsession means less work for the rest of us! We can just piggy-back your great efforts. So I say thanks for sharing!