Tuesday, July 08, 2014

essential oils - getting started

I am excited to see some of y'all interested in essential oils after my last post! I love them so far. I wanted to give you all a few starter tips that I would personally recommend and I have either learned through friends or my personal research.
1. Research! I would highly recommend The Complete Book of Essential Oils & Aromatherapy! A friend recommended it to me; it's educational and a recipe book to help you get started. First and foremost, you need to research before you start using essential oils. I rolled my eyes when my friend first told me this, but after learning about them (thinking I can just use Pinterst recipes)...but it's true. Essential oils are extremely potent, and should be treated with care. For example, ingesting essential oils can be dangerous, you should research a lot before you consider using them for dieting and other purposes (looking at you MLM companies). 

2. Order your supplies. You can look for starter kits or order what you need seperately, like I did. I started small so I didn't want an entire starter kit. You will need labels (these are the ones I use) and bottles to start out with; I started with these and this bottle. Aromatools is a great website build your container collection. Preferably, you want to have dark glass bottles, essential oils break down plastic over time. You should be storing your oils and mixtures away from sunlight to prevent the speeding up the oxidation process.

3. Order your carrier oils. I personally think Sweet Almond Oil and Coconut Oil are two great starters. Sweet Almond Oil is extremely versatile and can be used as a base oil up to 100%. Carrier oils are useful creating aromatherapy applications. Many essential oils are much to powerful to be used neat, carrier oils allow them to go further.

4. Understand your essential oils. Throughout my research I noticed a HUGE debate between whether or not to go with MLM company. I personally chose not to, because unless your a consultant, I think you pay for the brand on top of the expensive prices of oils. Not that I would never use doTerra, Young Living, or Be Young, I believe their product is good, I just chose to go with another company. When choosing any essential oils, look for 100% pure oil and certified organic. If it's a 1oz bottle with a price that is too good to be true it probably is. It takes 600lbs of rose petals to make a single ounce of oil. 1oz of Absolute Rose Essential Oil is more along the lines of $230, not $10 (see below).
If you read the back of this bottle you will see that this oil (or even the front) is already diluted.
The company I use to order my oils and other items is Mountain Rose Herbs. A friend recommended them and I am so pleased with their product, knowledge and passion, and prices. Check them out, you'll see why I use them!

5. Purchase your essential oils. Essential Oils were the very last thing I did when getting started and Like I said before, start out small. You can do hours of research on which essential oils to start out with. Personally, I started with 6: Lavender, Rosemary, Lemon, Geranium, Tea Tree (Melaleuca), and Peppermint. All of these oils are extremely versatile. Tea Tree is pretty much my favorite thing ever.  Also, a note when ordering, .5 oz may look small, but will take you far. I wouldn't recommend buying over 1oz bottles when first getting started.

I hope these tips have been informative and I would love to (try and) answer any questions, if you have them! Or, if you have your own starter tips...leave them below!


  1. Now you got me curious girlfriend!? Your yoga mat cleaner sounded awesome, but what are some other things you can do with essential oils? And what are some of the benefits? I'm very into eating as organic, fresh, and healthy as possible and living a very healthy active lifestyle, so I'm thinking this is something I could totally get into! & give my hubby another reason why I'm the crazy one ;) haha

    1. You can use essiental oils for just about everything - cleaning products - I have made a all pupose cleaner, toilet cleaner, window cleaner. You really start noticing the smell of chemicals after you switch to essential oils. You can make beauty products like creams, cleansers, and perfume. This is when carrier oils come in handy. I just made a face refresher with aloe and cucumber hydrosol. You can add oils to your bath - different oils do different things for you. I have been having a sore back and I add a few drops of lavender and rosemary to the bath to help relax my muscles and increase circulation. I made a bed spray for sleeping using lavender (which is calming and an anti-depressent), sandlewood, witch hazel, and carrier oils. You have to be careful using essential oils neat, but I use peppermint to get rid of head aches.

      So many uses! Get that book, it's a lifestlye change for sure!

  2. I want to echo the comment above! What do you use essential oils for? I don't know anything about them so now I'm intrigued!


  3. I've been interested in essential oils for a while, but there seems to be SO MUCH information out there, and all of what I've been directed to, of course, is MLM oils. Thanks, but no thanks! I love that you gave a book rec! It's officially on my wishlist for when we get settled so I can look a little more into the research and start using them instead of chemicals... particularly for THE BUGS! I don't mind spiders out in the yard, but when those giant Okinawa jungle spiders start coming into my house? We're going to have problems, and I hear they hate peppermint oil! Thanks for such a great post, girl!