Monday, June 23, 2014

Baby White - Gender Reveal!

I am exhausted from all the shenanigans from this weekend, but it was fantastic! Yesterday, I hosted a gender reveal party for our good friends, Kim and Rey. I wanted to go with another color scheme than blue and pink - so I went with a gender neutral - yellow, silver, and white. Take a peek:
The ladies!
I made them hold out for a good hour, but it was finally time for the reveal! Besides, I couldn't hold the secret in any longer.
IT'S A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
They were convinced that it was a little boy, especially after they thought the tech slipped at their gender this was surely a surprise...


  1. How exciting!! You did an amazing job! Would love to hear more about the food. Is that mini chicken and waffles???

  2. How fun! I love how she's wearing a blue dress ha! Sounds like they were super sure of it being a boy!

  3. Love seeing all these ideas for the gender reveal. Great job on the party!

  4. Aww love the theme!! So cute!

  5. could they be a more good looking couple?? Wowzers! I love that you didn't do pink/blue. So overplayed. Do a post about the tiny details. Looks amazing.

  6. This whole time I'm thinking "They're giving it away by wearing blue!" and bam, GIRL! I love, love, love the pinata as a reveal and the silver & gold theme! So perfect!