Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Chelsea Lately Show

Yesterday Britney, Kim, and I drove up to Los Angeles to see a taping of the Chelsea Lately Show in Universal Studios! This and the Ellen Show are the two talk show tapings on my California bucket list and the day did not disappoint!!! I had gotten tickets a few weeks ago, when I saw that my friend's time in town matched with guest hosts Adam Sandler and Dew Barrymore. And my girlfriend Kim, who lives in Southern California with me LOVES Chelsea Handler so of course I had to get a ticket for her as well.

After what is ALWAYS a stressful drive in and out of LA, I was so thankful to finally arrive. Once we arrived at the studio, we scored and were brought up to the front of the line. I might have researched in advance that if you get all dolled up, you have a chance you be brought up the the front, so I might have been strict with the dress code with my friends. THEN we found out that our taping not only had Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler but also two other guests; Connie Britton and Austin Mahone (some Justin Bieber type kid -- which made for the most humorous of all the interviews.) 
Oh and the set is UH-MAZING!
 Can I just say though, of everything...Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore are some of the most laid-back celebrities. They've been together on now 3 films and they just adore one another. Adam Sandler walked out rocking some Under Armor shoes that had seen better days, and a half put together look that he praised his wife for, trying to get him out of his typical look of gym shorts. This man genuinely does. not. care. At all. He doesn't care about Hollywood, he doesn't think he's better than you, he's humble and kind.

One of the gals in front of us was earlier scolded because she brought in a 50 First Dates DVD, and was told to keep it in her lap. After the interview, Adam stood up and saw it in the girls lap, motioning to her if she wanted it signed. Hesitantly she shook her head that she wasn't allowed to, and he immediately dismissed it, insistent that it wasn't a problem. Sure enough he offered her a signature, and immediately her envious friends asked for a signature as well, totally causing security to pounce saying he needed to leave. Total eye roll on the friends part. He was trying to do something nice and you totally took advance of it for a stinking autograph. 
Anyways, it was a pretty awesome day, let's go ahead and tack that one onto favorite days in California! 


  1. How fun! Drew Barrymore is my all-time favorite celebrity! I would have loved to have been there!

  2. How fun!! YES, I want to go see Ellen bad!!

  3. FUN! I loathe LA traffic and crowds! What a fun day, and I think I would have pushed on through to enjoy it! Such a fun memory for you gals!

  4. I love Chelsea and those are some amazing guests!! such a cool experience!!!

  5. How fun!! I have always loved Adam Sandler. He is hilarious. I love hearing about celebrities that are laid back and friendly and not stuck up.

  6. Question since I'm uncertain which is which as you mention Chelsea and Ellen. Did you see Adam and Drew at Chelsea or Ellen? I ask because although TV Guide lists Adam and Drew as guests tomorrow, the Chelsea Lately official site only lists Drew. And I'm curious to see Adam on Chelsea as I don't think he's done that before.

    1. It's both of them tomorrow on the Chelsea Lately Show tomorrow and you're right, he's never been on her show, it was his first appearance. They are together being interviewed!!