Tuesday, April 01, 2014

HIMYM Final Thoughts {SPOILERS}

I was a loyal How I Met Your Mother watcher for years, until this most recent season. For 8 years we were building up to this idea of someone, I personally didn't have any look or any particular person in mind, but I knew when I saw her I would immediately feel disappointment, because a single look of her couldn't portray all that I had built her up to be. No, that would take time, so I occasionally watched the last season, slowly losing my interest. Last night though, I did tune in for the season finale. [Just a disclaimer, I am currently PMSing (too much?) and crying over the smallest of things; like my cousin sending a sweet email out to our entire family over March Madness brackets and my grandfathers birthday, but I got all emotional over this episode.] Maybe it's the stage of life I am in; the constant changes, the growing up, growing apart, and growing away from where I was 2 years ago, 2 months ago, 2 days ago and not being completely content with it all yet. So after completely sobbing throughout most of the episode, here is what I learned through the reign of HIMYM.
  1. I have been a Woo Girl...on multiple occasions. You know that whole growing up bit, like the fact that a crazy, throw all our inhibitions to the wind kind of night, feels more like torture than fun now. It was fun though, and maybe with the ebbs and flows of life it may be again, but for now, I'm woo-ed out.
  2. We go through life stages and things DO change, and you can't change that. You make choices in life, choices that take you places you never expected to go, pull you apart from people you never pictured your life without. Then, looking back on those people as strangers, from a different lifetime, neither one of you have any benefit in one another's current direction as you both grow into the person you are meant to become.
  3. You may move a part or grow a part, but true friends remain. You may go weeks, months, or even years without seeing someone, but I truly believe, true friends, that very small percentage that you can back to and still be your honest to God self, those are the ones worth investing as much love as you possibly have to give.
  4. There really is love like Lily and Marshall. Those lucky ones, who make it, grow old together, have healthy babies, successful careers, and a love the world can't possibly shake. 
  5. ...but there really is love like Barney and Robin...and there really is love like Tracy and Ted. Some relationships have an expiration date. Things happen, and not to compare death with divorce, but the not everyone stays together, and some times it's your choice and sometimes it's not.
  6. Life isn't always about happy endings or planned endings. Uncertainty and changes are life's only constant and that's what makes every one of life's chapters and tragic, scary, and beautiful.

So there you have it. 
Phew! I feel better pouring that all out, too much emotion to handle in one episode.
 photo giphy_zps8828b9bd.gif
Seriously though, all along didn't you think the show should have been call, "How I Got Over Robin," or I guess "How I Never Got Over Robin" if you saw the finale? By the end, I ended up liking the character Ted ended up for that point of his life. Honestly, if Ted and Robin had ended with one another in the first place, it would have not worked out, they weren't meant for one another during that point in their lives.

Oh this was NPH's last line on the show.
 Legend (wait for it) dary!


  1. I actually had heard rumors about what happened to the mom, but I didn't really think they'd go that route. As far as the mom, I wasn't disappointed in what she looked like, but in her name. Is that weird? I guess I'm ok with the ending though. I wouldn't have ended it like that, but whatever.

  2. Okay, I'm a fan of the show and tried to watch this season, but I hate how they dragged out the wedding alllllll season just to cram 1 million and 2 things into the finale. Ugh. But all in all, I LOVED that Barney had a daughter and that SHE was the love of his life. That was amazing to me/to watch. I bawled my eyes out like a baby and hated that the mother died. I think what erked me most is how the kids had moved on so much from their mom that they were ready for their dad to go get Robin. I put myself in their moms shoes and cried so hard because I would never want my kids to just disgard me like that. Probably overthinking it, but whatever. All in all, a good sappy ending

  3. I was a big sappy baby for the finale too. I think it was just so spot on with the progression of life and relationships. Plus HIMYM really has been a great show despite the lulls of this season. I did not like the writers killed off the mom and put him back with Robin. It just seemed to negate the entire season 9. However the show gets a free pass because everything else was AWE-some!

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  5. We watched last night and I'm still processing all my feelings. The mom was exactly who I thought she should be and so much more. Unfortunately, I feel like they kind of cheapened all that (though I really think they tried not to) by the way it ended. Our friend who missed most of the last season came in for the last 20 minutes of the finale and thought it was a great finale and we were all, "Uh, no. That was terrible." Maybe in a few days I'll have a different opinion.

  6. I've been reading your blog for a while, but just started going through some of your old posts. My husband is PCSing to San Diego and although I'm super excited, it's scary too. Reading your posts about moving across the country and about being patient with job hunting (this is the most stressful part... Leaving a job I love and not having something lined up already) has really helped me not feel so alone or irrational in my feelings. Thank you for being so open and sharing your journey for other mil spouses!