Thursday, April 03, 2014

new purchases

A few weeks ago, I ordered a few dresses for spring! I am excited to swap out my darker colors for an assortment of sorbet flavors.
 Of all the things I ordered (Oh yeah, I totally buy all my clothes online) a light gray dolman sweater takes the cake! I receive SO MANY compliments on it and would seriously wear it every day. There are few days out of the year that you don't need a sweater in Southern California. The balmy breezes coming off of the ocean provide us with a cool chill every day after the sun goes down. When we first moved out here, I got rid of most of my winter weather, and now I find myself wearing long sleeves year 'round. You can find it here, super affordable and it's a nice material that will hold up well.
This dress and this dress have been added to my collection as well. 


  1. Love your cute little necklace!!

  2. You've pretty much convinced me online shopping is the only way to go. I'm almost equally excited for Baby G to be born just so I can start really shopping for long-term (read: more than a couple of weeks!) purchases again!

  3. love the coral piece and how cute is your NC necklace

  4. I seriously want to see a tour of yalls home it looks beautiful! You have an eye for style, girl. Love that sweater! Unfourtonately I am on a shopping hiatus for things other than groceries so I have to wait a few months to find a nice socal appropriate sweater :) Love it!