Monday, April 28, 2014

Mud Run 5K! (second official race)

My girlfriend Kim and I ran a mud run on Sunday with our husbands cheering us on the entire way. Kim's done a couple of mud runs before and she was adamant about us running it this weekend. Mud runs are her favorite.

Poor thing; we arrive at the event and it was such a let down to what she had in mind. It was somewhat more amateur than we had envisioned after seeing the website. We were in a park where a lot of recreational sports were taking place...not in the woods, which is more of what she is used to. But we both have optimistic personalities, and decided to make the most of our morning!

Turns out, when your expectations are somewhat shot, you end up having a complete blast! Not to mention, everyone running and those sponsoring the event were amazing.

PS. And a big thanks, as always to the unsung hero, my amazing husband who practically ran the course himself to capture these great shots of us.


  1. aww I love that he ran along to keep up with yall!! So sweet!

  2. You go girl! these pics are great :) I've never done a mud run but it sure looks like a great time! xo

  3. haha love the pictures of you. looks like you had a fun time

  4. Muds runs are so much fun! At least, I assume they are. I've only ever photographed them :)

  5. looks so fun
    i just need to find a mud stroll and i will be good to go

  6. Oh my gosh... Looks so fun! I'm wondering though... Do they hose you off after it?? Are your clothes ruined? I can't imagine that mud soaked feeling!