Monday, April 07, 2014

Cedar Creek Falls

I know I've said it many times, but we love hiking and we try to go at least twice a month with a small group of friends. We've seen a lot of fun areas in San Diego County, but after this weekend Cedar Creek Falls  is without a doubt in our top two for places that we've hiked here in Southern California. The Hollywood Sign hike would probably be the other, it's just such an iconic symbol of Hollywood history. The entire hike was picturesque, as we weaved through the grand mountains that stretched for miles and miles, down into the bank, following the calm stream until we were finally greeted falls in the end.

And as beautiful as it all is, you're also likely to be greeted by a few kids jumping off the rocks, swinging from the single unsteady tree just under the falls, and shaking your head in complete disapproval of their naive 18-year old minds and for yourself for feeling like such an adult and wanting to shake your finger at them scolding them that they could hurt themselves from jumping into such shallow, rocky water.
Hiking to the fall was fairly easy, 6 miles total and with such a gorgeous reward at the end of the hike. After the hike, I would recommend lunch at The Par Lounge.

PS. Don't forget to purchase your permit before you go. One permit is good for up to 6 people. 


  1. I love hiking too. Going for a long weekend, this weekend down in SC. Excited. When I lived out West I did quite a bit of hiking too. I had friends from SOCAL so we would hit up the Santa Barbara area and Ojai. Also, Catalina Island has some nice trails!! Love that waterfall!

  2. You can tell the drought did a number on that fall. It be great to go back after several good rains. Beautiful!

  3. so beautiful
    love to hike here around NC

  4. So so pretty! Jealous of your mountains and cacti! I think the NC mountains are now calling my name ;) Hope all is well!

  5. Love these pictures and you look so so happy in that pic of you guys together.

  6. I can't tell you enough how thrilled I am that you love Oceanside, California and are embracing all the amazing things you have around you. I constantly feel the need to get out and go much so close!