Thursday, March 13, 2014

last minute gifts

Like I have said before, my love language is without a doubt is gifts, that includes giving gifts to others. I rarely go over to a friends house empty handed. The other day however I was invited to a surprise engagement party that was planned super last minute and I had absolutely no time in between work and the party to even stop to pick something up. I didn't even have a bottle of wine to grab...I know, not very typical in my house. Thankfully, I grew up seeing my mom stashing away gifts, just in case, and it stuck with me because I do it now too. Regardless of the occasion, here are a few of my favorite on hand gifts, just in case you need those few extra minutes to get ready, or no time to stop between work and that surprise party.

PS. Home Goods and Marshalls are always stocked with goodies to pick up for grab and go gifts, like these


  1. I never thought about a decanter! I be that is a hit. Very clever idea. I'm a classic bottle of wine kind of gal :)

    Mandie Wickham

  2. I stash away gifts too. If I hit a good sale, I stock up. Brad has come to realize how nice it is.

  3. I stash gifts and I love this list!