Monday, February 10, 2014

Visit California

Have you ever seen this commercial?...

or this one?...

Well for our nice little Sunday workout we hiked up to the Hollywood sign.
It's probably my favorite hike in Southern California, full of great views and some serious inclines. We took Kim for her first time, and it just so happened they were filming a Visit California commercial, meaning they totally photo-bombed some of our scenery, but it was kind of cool, so it was okay.
Word on the street, Mr. Tony Hawk was the feature for this next Visit California commercial, and I'd say it was a pretty educated guess, seeing that via Twitter he so happened to be in Hollywood today, when he is normally strolling around in our neck of the woods.
And we may have crashed his personal set up, but they did park in the best spot to get a shot in front of the I hope he got a good laugh out of us trying to attempt a jumping photo, because we sure did, right in front of his RV!


  1. That is super cool and so glad you documented it!

  2. How cool
    I love to see the "behind the scenes" stuff

  3. As you drive down the 5, you'll see an Ecke YMCA on the left in Encinitas heading to San Diego. Tony Hawk got his start there. Our oldest went to skate there while on vacation here years ago. So cool!

    1. EEEK! Yes ma'am I know exactly where you are talking about! SO COOL!!