Friday, February 21, 2014

Condo Tour: Mini Master Bathroom

Almost two years in, and I am still adjusting to living with a guy...the most challenging areas of living with one is sharing the closet and the bathroom. I once had a professor in college tell the class the secret to a happy marriage is separate bathrooms. There are some days when I think could be true. $80,000 later and the most ingrained advice I received in college was that, yikes! Anyways, since neither one of us want to sacrifice the convenience of a bathroom attached to our bedroom, I've gotten crafty with storage.
Between my makeup and shaving creams, toothbrushes and lotions, Oh My! Our little counter top was just too cluttered for my OCD, on our last trip to Ikea, I picked up a rail and caddys for extra storage. It's worked perfectly!
Buckets, also thanks to Ikea for storing a few more items like vitamins, hair product, and polish remover.
All my jewels (with the exception of my necklaces) are stored on floating shelves in the bathroom.
I place all of our spa like goodies and treats into this fantastic basket. Just looking at it makes me excited, like a spa day at my fingertips whenever I need one, which is usually once a week.
The last thing on our wish list for this room is linen towels. We do not get very much lighting and just about every other day I wash our bath towels to avoid that damp smell from super slow drying towels. Any affordable recommendations for linen towels, because so far, no luck.


  1. I love this post. We have a tiny master bath as well and this has definitely given me some storage ideas.

  2. I bought my husband Norwex Towels for Valentines Day. They are pricey, but are antibacterial, so they are "self cleansing" Of course we still wash them regularly, but they don't get that mildewy smell in between.

  3. Oh I love seeing your ideas for organization. Small or large space, these are helpful hints!

  4. In my thinking, if you can survive sharing a teeny bathroom for a length of time, you can survive anything. This is the first house we've had that has separate sinks in the bathroom. After 5 years of living together, I think we'll be ok.

  5. I love the shelves in the bathroom for jewelry. Great storage idea.