Tuesday, January 14, 2014

date night

We love playing games and doing puzzles together. I was at Target the other day looking for something, probably nothing, you know the black hole that Target becomes for women. Anyways, I saw a Mancala set looking so unloved and alone on the nearly cleared out game shelf. I immediately picked it up, and for $5, I couldn't leave such a classic on the shelf. B never played Mancala growing up, but this week was perfect for a date night featuring the game. We're having our carpet removed, and having hardwood put in our condo, so our living and dining room is completely bare, no chairs, no tables, just us and the floor. Other than our depressingly dull rooms at the moment, these few nights of simplicity have been unique and kind of a blast!   


  1. One of my favorite games and perfect for a winter night in for two.

  2. I have never heard of this game either
    Will have to do further investigation
    I know you can't wait to see your new floors

  3. Fun date night! I LOVE mancala - I grew up playing, but don't have a set now! I'll have to look for one!

  4. I love mancala!! Not too long ago we found the game in my house and I introduced my boyfriend to it :)

  5. I loveeeee mancala! I haven't played that since I was a kid! My husband hates it though D:

    -Adele { wild ♡ sunsets }