Tuesday, December 31, 2013

One Word.

Another year has ended...I cannot believe we have lived in California for a year already! Last year I selected the word present to represent my year- allowing myself to be fulling present in this new adventure, starting a life in California. While there have been moments I allowed  to stray from enjoying this experience by holding too tight onto nostalgia, I've brought myself back to understanding that this is my time now.
We've been busy exploring Southern California, making fantastic memories and friends along the way...

From cross country adventures...
and hiking trips...
               to beach days...
                                        girls weekends...
                                                                           and group weekends...
to finding new hobbies...
and feeling like we're on top of the world...
to stop and smell the roses...                                                      
and enjoy a California sunset...

It sure has been an adventure so far and one that has started shaping me into a person that I would have never become had I stayed in my bubble my entire life.

As we kick off 2014, we focus new ambitions and chasing towards new goals. Some years I think long and hard for My One Word of the year, this year it popped into my head out of nowhere.


Nourishing my body, mentally and spiritually. If I successfully achieve at what I am striving for in this word, I will have overcome some of my biggest challenges...and that is 1. Properly taking care of my body 2. Giving God the steering wheel when I feel in control and comfortable with the way things are going, not just seeking Him when I struggle. To be completely honest, I do not want to go to in-depth with explaining everything behind this word because my goals are so high, that I just hope throughout the year, they will unfold before you.
Learn about My One Word here!
And Mike even has a book out about it now, can't wait to read it!

As always, you know I have to ask...what is your one word for the year?

Have a Happy New Year friends!


  1. Oh what a GREAT word!! I believe that I have figured out my word is 'better'. As simple as it may sound, I want everything in my life to be better than ever in 2014! I want to be a better wife, friend, daughter, Christian, & all around person!

    1. I love it! Better, that's such a motivating word to choose for the year!

  2. This is a good word. I like doing this for the new year. Last year, my word was desire and the year before that it was potential. For 2014, my word is perseverance

    1. Perseverance! I know you wrote a post on it, haven't been able to read it, can't wait to though!

  3. I think my One Word this year is "Simplify." It's been replaying in the back of my head for a few months so it needs to take center stage.

    1. Simplify! That's wonderful, I think that a word we all need to have take center stage!

  4. Great post
    Have a fun NYE and a fabulous 2014!

  5. What a great word, and I love that you have a quote that goes along with it.

    My 2013 word was "Peace", but I haven't quite settled on a word for 2014 yet.

  6. I am still searching for my word for 2014. Before, I've had "Move," "Up" and "Focus". This year has a few challenges so I'm struggling with the word for it. Thanks for the inspiration. :)