Monday, December 30, 2013

old town

We had free passes to ride The Coaster (San Diego transit) and waited until the last possible weekend to use them before they expired.
We headed into Old Town for a total day of tourist fun!
Shopping in the market, I was warned all the prices were inflated so not to buy anything, but I just couldn't resist these turquoise bracelets.
I also took B on a self guided tour in The Whaley House - although I had been, he needed to see it. The atmosphere is a little different during the day, maybe it's the sunshine, maybe it's the screaming babies, or maybe this time I just knew I had a strong Marine for protection...but it's still fun never the less.
Afterwards we enjoyed a cigar at San Diego's oldest cigar shop and strolled around the park for a few hours.
There is nothing like a new adventure with my main squeeze.


  1. Haven't been to San Diego in a while, but I love it there

  2. I secretly love Old Town, even though I'm not supposed to. LOVE San Diego!

  3. I've never heard of this place. Looks neat!

  4. you were like 5 minutes from my house!