Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Wishing y'all a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

This is my first year I am celebrating the holidays without my family...it's an torn feeling because as much as I would give just about anything to be home with them, we have a fun Thanksgiving potluck with some of our military family here . And later on, a few of my girls and I are hitting the sales for Black Thursday Friday. (Can it even be called Black Friday anymore, no stores wait until midnight.) 
A few years ago I got really motivated and cooked an entire Thanksgiving dinner myself...and was so excited that I thought dressing up was imperative. Let's be serious, I lasted 1 hour before I changed to sweats. So this year...my Thanksgiving style might look a little like this...

Festive, but perfect for the amount of sides (not a huge fan of turkey) I will be eating come Thursday! 

And because it wouldn't be a Thanksgiving without reflecting on a few things I am thankful for; A few things I am Thankful for on this upcoming extended weekend...
  1. This lifestyle we are fortunate enough to live, to be able to travel and grow as individuals and a couple.
  2. Celebrating - birthdays and holidays all in the same week!
  3. Completing my CPR and First Aid certification by the end of today. (If I pass)
  4. Candles for a cozy evening.
  5. Friends who have become family in California.
  6. A 4 day weekend, whoohoo!
  7. Decorating our house for Christmas.
  8. Walking on the beach.
  9. Friends and family back home that continue to do everything they can to make me feel like I am not 2,000 miles away.
  10. The South Carolina/Clemson game this weekend. GO GAMECOCKS!
Wishing you a happy holidays filled with love and thankfulness!


  1. My husband was in the Marines until recently and now I find myself missing and wishing for "friend holidays" again! They're such a fun and different dynamic from family holidays. It's an interesting contrast, for sure!

  2. I love that sweater. I have a similar one but it is a t-shirt and it's for Christmas!

  3. Have a wonderful friendsgiving!

    P.S. I'm headed back early on Friday to get ready for the game! I can't wait to tailgate and spend the night at Willie-B, seeing the Gamecocks win for the fifth year in a row!

  4. I hope that you had a WONDERFUL thanksgiving!! :)