Monday, November 04, 2013

The Whaley House

Last weekend we visited America's Most Haunted House, The Whaley House. I have been looking all around for some deep history in the area and for whatever reason never came across this house. My girlfriend told me about it and shortly after I saw that The Starnes Family had visited. It clearly turned into a priority because we went the next weekend. Last weekend was also Dia de los Muertos and Old Town was having a huge festival for the weekend as well, so we turned it into an entire night of fun.
Our tour guide, sweet man, but slightly animated to the point that he was almost talking me out of what I actually do believe in. You can tell though, when you walk through the doors of The Whaley House, the air is a little heavier.
We were at the back of the tour and just as Kim hit the bottom of the steps and all the people in front of her had cleared to another part of the room, an awful smell that she said couldn't physically be described overwhelm her. Later on, Kim pointed out the rope next to her that started abruptly swinging, but I think her butt just hit it. Either way, the house without a doubt has something going on.
(I just saw this as I was writing up this post, notice anything in this last photo?)

I can't say if I would go back, it's a little intense, but I am sure it will end up on the "to-do" list for people who come to visit.


  1. Am I crazy or is there a lady sitting in that seat? I have to go there like right now! As in need to buy a plane ticket fly to San Diego, and go there RIGHT NOW! I am obbssessed with haunted things in just about every sort and that last picture makes the Whaley House a place that I CANNOT miss out on in my life!
    Sorry for all of the over-enthusiasm, I can be a little off-base. :)

  2. SO awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love that wacky house. After traveling around the US and staying in haunted hotels and taking ghost tours often, this is the ONLY place I encountered a true ghost. Hope you loved Old Town. Yay for San Diego adventures.

  3. No thanks!! I don't like stuff lie that at all! I'm a scaried cat! ;0

  4. The photo was taken through the glass divider. This causes a reflection from behind the person taking the photo. Just a tip: Take photos above the glass or below in the spaces of the wooden part of the divider.

  5. I took a picture of the same room, and had the same kind of reflection in my pics.

  6. I took a picture of the same room, and had the same kind of reflection in my pics.